5 Days Less Stress at Your Desk


5 Days Less Stress at Your Desk

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5 days to less stress at your desk online challenge with Sasha Quince! 

Are you feeling stressed, lacking focus and direction in the workplace?

Research now links stress to disease due to the inflammation that occurs in the body when stress hormone cortisol rises. Taking control of stress in the workplace enhances your productivity, your focus, and your energy levels and keeps your healthier and happier.  

After a decade in the fast-paced corporate environment Sasha knows all too well what feeling stressed and anxious can do to your health and your overall out put in the workplace. Sasha has crafted her 5-day less stress at your desk challenge to help you enhance energy, get motivated, bust stress, increase your focus, learn the magic of mindfulness and get more productive in your role. Feel happier and healthier at work! 

  • Only 12 minutes per day. 
  • Short and effective for all levels.  
  • Easy to follow. 
  • Accessible at your desk.
  • You own it for life! 

Dedicate to your health and happiness at work! It is possible so take control of stress in your LIFE! 

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  • Learn the art of mindfulness, desk yoga & presence for a happier and healthier you at work!

  • Manage reactivity and stress,
  • Boost productivity,
  • Increase energy and focus,
  • Learn to disengage from negativity & gossip,
  • Alleviate back and body pain.
  • Short and easy to follow online challenge.
  • Only 12 minutes per day for 5 days.
  • Accessible right from the comfort of your desk!