Certified 200hr (Core Strength Vinyasa) Yoga Teacher Training Abu Dhabi & U.K.


Certified 200hr (Core Strength Vinyasa) Yoga Teacher Training Abu Dhabi & U.K.


200 Hour Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Abu Dhabi & The UK:

Fully Certified and Globally Recognized Yoga Alliance Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Master Trainer Anya Hawkes and Senior CSV Yoga Teacher Sasha Quince

Anatomy-focused Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Every Body, Meditation and Pranayama for an all-round amazing training!

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a new perspective on yoga.

CSV creates space. LIGHT up your potential from the inside out.
CSV Yoga transforms. Move the way you were born to move.
CSV Yoga empowers. Stand in your TRUTH, and SHINE.
Get a new perspective.
Start a revolution.


Anya: Founder of the UK's Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Training School, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, Passionate Consciousness Warrior and master trainer for Sadie Nardini, Anya teaches with clarity, authentic expression and a message of positive self-centering. Anya brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and FUN to the training.

Sasha: Senior CSV Teacher who is based in Abu Dhabi and struggled with yoga until she found this style of yoga and through its strong foundation and intelligent sequencing she was able to get stronger, longer and cure many of her injuries. Sasha is also a certified Pregnancy & Kids Yoga Specialist and Teacher Trainer. Learn more about Sasha at www.sashaquinceyoga.com


Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a transitional style.

Break linear and move biomechanically not traditionally for optimal STRENGTH and SAFETY within vinyasa-based practices.

Its new-generation alignment uses Myofascial Muscle Meridians as a primary tool for function and flow. This movement methodology can be applied to any yoga style empowering students and teachers to their next level.


Includes 6 days (spread out) with Sasha, online Anatomy training and live anatomy teaching sessions with Anya in June followed by a 7 day intensive residential training in beautiful Devon in the UK with the choice of Oct 11th - 18th, 2019 or November 8th - 15th, 2019.

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    'We will all remember you for all of this lifetime and beyond. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to study with you' Cleo Albertie 200hr YTT

    'Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. I hope I can be half the teacher you are'
    Alice Ryan 200hr YTT

    'Thank you Anya! It's hard to put into words all the things I would like to say but you truly embody what you teach and this has been an awesome experience' Crystal Mclawrence 200hr YTT

    This has been a life-changing experience. I will remember it forever. Thank you for your sweetness, wisdom and badass inspiration'
    Antinanja Laewetz, 200hr YTT

    'Anya is a truly inspiring teacher and a beautiful soul. Her training is captivating, anatomically focussed and full of fun and laughter. Nothing is too much trouble and you feel nurtured throughout!' Rosie Adams 200hr YTT

    Join the CSV Yoga Tribe of intelligent, authentic teachers gifting the yoga world with smarter yoga!

    Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Foundation Teacher Training


    THE STUDIO - ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates

    Dates with Sasha Quince

    May 10th, 2019 My 18th, 2019 from 8:00am - 6:00pm
    Friday and Saturday June 14th and 15th 8am - 6pm
    Friday and Saturday June 21 and 22 8am - 6pm

    6 days in total

    Venue: The Studio Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    One Week Intensive in Devon, United Kingdom.


    ONE WEEK INTENSIVE RESIDENTIAL (accommodation included)

    October 11th to 18th or November 11th to 18th

    Intensive Residential Training in Devon
    Begins Friday 8th November at 4pm
    End Friday 15th November 10.30am

    *Intensive Training held at the stunning Old Rectory in Chulmleigh, Devon

    Please see more details about the beautiful training venue in Devon here


    Anya, Sasha and team deliver a revolutionary perspective on yoga and life that will free your body and mind and fully prepare you to be able to share your love of yoga with others.

    Enter into the world of teaching yoga with NEXT LEVEL information that will set you apart from other yoga teachers from the get go!

    From this, you can teach super-power classes, core vinyasa flow, a modified Ashtanga-style class, a restorative class, a slow-anatomy focused class - but you'll be able to do with intelligent modifications so that every body in your class benefits as much as possible.
    Most teacher trainings teach you how to instruct yoga. With this course you will learn how to TEACH yoga! There is a BIG difference.



    Let's schedule a phone, a skype call to have a chat to see whether the training is the one for you!


    ***This training includes registration to Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthew's YOGA FUNDAMENTALS ANATOMY COURSE***

    Leslie and Amy are the world's leading yoga anatomists, I have partnered with them to integrate their Fundamentals Course into my yoga teacher trainings. Studying the videos makes up your non-contact hours and we also expand on, and review the material in class. I believe that the information in this course along with my yoga teacher training truly prepares you be totally confident in this field, along with providing an incredible resource of information which you can return to in years to come.
    The course cost is valued at $497 but is included in your training fee along with an anatomy manual.

    Find out more about the course here:


    If you're interested in taking your own practice and understanding of yoga to the next level and potentially sharing this with others. This course will help you to become a confident, competent and super-knowledgeable yoga teacher.


    Cost: £2500

    *Fully Certified Yoga Alliance UK 200hr teacher training. Receive certification with Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professionals UK - this means you can teach anywhere in the world!

    *Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals Course

    *7 days accommodation at the luxurious Old Rectory, Chulmleigh


    There is a lot to cover, but the course will not be overwhelming.

    You will receive a lot of support along the way!

    The course will include the following areas of study -

    Yoga - history, meaning, benefits, lineage, different styles and perspectives

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Transitions, Asana, Bandha, Dristi

    Pranayama, Meditation, Energy, Sound


    Healthy Movement and Biomechanics

    Assists, Adjustments and Supportive Verbal Cues

    Intelligent class sequencing and themes

    The business of teaching yoga

    Contraindications, safety and class set-up

    This Teacher Training Course will prepare you to become a confident and authentic yoga teacher with and excellent understanding of the principles and practice of yoga, with an emphasis on the Core Strength Vinyasa methodology and cutting edge anatomy and biomechanics and yoga philosophy.


    Module 1: Foundations & Sun Salutations

    What is yoga? The meaning of yoga, yoga as life.

    8 Limbs of Yoga. Traditional and modern day interpretation.

    Lineage of yoga

    Intro to CSV methodology

    Neutralise, foundation, core, expression

    Introduction to ‘The Core Warm-up’

    CSV principles in Sun Salutations with teaching practice

    CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in sun salutations


    Module 2: The Breath & Standing Poses

    The breath as shape change


    The organisation of the systems

    Effective Warm-up

    Core Anatomy

    Standing poses - neutrally rotated, externally rotated

    Sequencing Standing Poses

    Teaching practice - warm up flow standing


    Module 3: Energy Systems & Standing Poses (Twists & Balancing)


    Imbalances - creating balance. The interplay of Stira Sukha.



    Standing Poses - Twists & Balancing

    CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in standing poses

    Sequencing Standing Poses

    Teaching practice - twisting and balancing flow


    Module 4: Anatomy & Physiology - Seated Poses - twists

    Flexibility & Mobility

    The Spinal Curves

    Exploring Pranayama in twists

    Seated Poses - Twists

    CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in seated poses

    Sequencing and counterposing seated twists

    Seated Restorative Poses

    Teaching practice - restorative seated


    Module 5: Going Deeper: Fascia - Exploration of Yin Yoga & Pranayama

    Yin Yoga, Myofascial Muscle Meridians & Healthy Living

    Fascia - our internal ninja webbing and so much more!

    Myofascial Muscle Meridians

    Superficial Front & Back Line and Deep Core Lines

    Yin and Yang - seeking balance

    3 Pillars of Yin Yoga

    Basic Yin Poses

    Lifestyle - nutrition, Ayurveda & natural rhythms

    Pranayama for rest and sleep

    Teaching Practice - yin sequence and Pranayama


    Module 6: The Spine & Bends - Backbends & Forward Folds

    Energy of the spine - The backbone of life

    Breath as shape change effecting the spine

    Unlocking common areas of tension

    Problem-shooting back health

    Backbends & Forward Bends

    CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in bending poses

    Sequencing and counterposing bending poses

    Seated Bending Poses

    Restorative supported bends

    Teaching practice - backbends & forward bends (different days)


    Module 7: Flipping it upside down - Life & Inversions

    What holds us back?

    Your perspective creates your reality

    Tools to free your mind

    Patanjali's 3 steps to transformation

    Samskaras and what we can do about them

    Inversions for all levels

    Safety in inversions

    Confidence in teaching inversions. Empowering yourself and students to take flight (even if you feet never even leave the floor)

    Anatomy and assists for inversions


    Module 8: Energy & Magic - Arm Balances

    Staying in your magic

    Managing a class, holding space

    Class theming

    Workshops & Retreat Planning

    Smart Anatomy and Safety in Arm Balances

    Access Consciousness - tools and therapies to enhance your teaching and your ability to make a living doing what you love!


    Module 9: Problem-solving Clinic Sequencing, Branding and finding your niche.

    Problem solving clinics for common conditions and fine-tuning understanding of CSV Yoga.

    Find your authentic voice, teaching rhythm and flow. We'll be taking images to help you launch your yoga teaching career!


    Module 10: Teaching Practice, Assessment & Graduation

    It will be our honor to take you on this transformational journey to becoming an in-credible yoga teacher.
    It's not always easy, but the journey is so worth it. We will always be there for you. The CSV tribe will always be there for you.

    Let's do this!

    Anya & Sasha & CSV Team

2018 Graduating Group

2018 Graduating Group