Family Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop 2019


Family Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop 2019


Family Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop 

Description: This workshop is perfect for Mother & Child or Father and Child who wish to connect through yoga, breathing, mindfulness and creative play. The workshop will feature 3 essential oils to ground, balance, calm and soothe children be it a hyperactive child or a child who is anxious / stressed.

We will begin with a family yoga session and journey on an adventure to practice breathing, mindful movement, trust games, partner poses to connect while exploring our three essential oils blends for kids within our practice. We will complete with a joint relaxation and visualization and then have the opportunity to learn about essential oils for kids and how and when they can be most beneficial to use. 

This is an all levels practice that is open to Mom and child or Dad and child as well as a family of 4 including Dad. 


Date: Friday May 3rd, 2019 10:00am -11:30am 

Location: The Studio Abu Dhabi (Corniche & Al Bateen Street).

Cost: AED 250 for parent and child. This workshop is open to children between the ages of 3-10 years old. The price quoted is for one child and one parent. Pease request rates if you have an additional child who wishes to join you or are a family please email me to share the rates - Letsgoyoga@Yahoo.Com

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Sasha Quince is a Yoga & Wellbeing Expert with a specialty in Kids Yoga & Mindfulness. Sasha is eager to show parents some key practices that can benefit their ability to connect with their child, help them manage hyperactivity, elevated emotions, anxiety and stress. Sasha is a Mom of two young boys and has watched her own six year old from the age of 2 greatly benefit from yoga and its practices. Sasha will take you on a journey of trust, connection, growth and provide you and your child the opportunity to get to know each other better in this workshop. Sasha is also a Teacher Trainer for Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings and now 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.

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Family Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop


Alison McLaughlin is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health. She is your typical research nerd who got interested in using essential oils because of her husbands rare skin condition.Using her research background, she was able to use essential oils to manage her husbands condition, and now has incorporated oils in every aspect of her life. She makes her household products, using oils on her baby girl, and uses them to enhance her immune system. She now shares her essential oil passion with the community and is one of Doterra's health educators for the Middle East.