5-Week Yoga Shred Weight-Loss Challenge with Sasha Quince

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Sasha Quince © Heather Bonker-99.jpg

5-Week Yoga Shred Weight-Loss Challenge with Sasha Quince



Yoga meets HIIT is what this challenge is made up off! The fast twitch movements of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and the slow twitch movements of (Yoga) are extremely effective to torch calories, increase metabolism, build strength, flexibility and endurance! 

This year we amp up the benefits of the Shred aspect by introducing the Tabata timer concept to some of our moves (8 rounds of 20 seconds each of each move at high intensity to burn fat, sculpt muscle, increase endurance) 

The 5-Week Challenge is geared towards whole body fitness: Arms, Core, Legs as well as coupled with ancient detoxifying breathing and a stretch sequence proven and practiced to enhance your flexibility! 

Excited to share with you what I do personally to shed the weight, stay fit, feel energized and get my muscles to tone better. It's the YOGA SHRED and I am challenging YOU to 5 sessions this October! 

 We will combine HIIT moves with yoga breathing, movements and alignment for an optimal experience! ALL LEVELS are welcome! 


- Increase strength & endurance 

- Improve stamina and flexibility 

- Boost weight loss and speed up the metabolism with yogic breathe. 

- Have fun and spark some fire with fast twitch movements! 

- Learn tecniques that actually work in toning your msucles and burning fat! 

Dates: October 1st - 29th, 2017 Every Sunday (7:15-8:15pm) 

Venue: Anantara by Eastern Mangroves Hotel - various venues within the property! 

AED 340 / person for the whole challenge! 


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