Yoga Shred Weight-Loss Challenge with Sasha Quince


Yoga Shred Weight-Loss Challenge with Sasha Quince


The Yoga Shred Inspired Challenge allow you start the new year fierce and strong! This is the practice that is suitable for all levels and has personally cured 85% of my back pain I am thrilled to share it with YOU! The Yoga Shred concept is developed and founded my my mentor and teacher Sadie Nardini.

6-Week Yoga Shred Inspired Challenge is a new and scientific miracle, fusing yoga (aligned slow twitch moves) with HIIT (high intensity interval training) fast twitch moves to turn on your body's metabolism and fitness optimizers like nothing else.


  • Build Strength (yes this one will really sculpt your muscles).

  • Calorie Burn (you will work up a sweat).

  • Tone & Sculpt (great for lean muscle and definition).

  • Enhance Endurance (you will feel your heart rate elevated and work to build your endurance level and ability.

  • Improve your Metabolic Rate (yes this is scientifically designed to keep your metabolism working for you for 48 hours after the shred is complete)

  • Learn proper alignment techniques that are generous on the joints and amp up the benefits of the movements provided.

  • Get results (you will feel the burn, the muscles working and the after affect for 48 hours post shredding).

    What I truly love about this is - it's all alignment based (so very generous to the lower back, knees and other joints) and it's for all levels, even those completely new.

    The training is proven to do 3-4 rounds of 4 minute moves infused with yoga flow for length and a optimal cool down to enhance flexibility. The yoga breathing is an key focus to amp up the benefits. 

    Each week will build upon the last, when done right the results are amazing... let me guide you!

    I practice the Yoga Shred myself weekly and with a healthy diet and other movement modalities it has truly increased my strength, my definition, weight loss and given me more benefits for my yoga practice. This is open to non-yogis and yogis as well as those of all levels and fitness backgrounds!

Dates: Tuesdays (7:00pm - 8:00pm) 

Venue: SWEAT Studio UAE - Al Seef Village Mall - near Khalifa Park

AED 500 for 6 sessions


October 22nd,

October 29th,

November 5th,

November 12th,

November 19th,

November 25th, 2019


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‘’The Yoga Shred class has helped me to get back into a routine after the summer. I have practiced yoga for many years, and I can say unreservedly that Sasha is one of the best yoga instructors I have had. She warmly welcomes each student to class and checks her/his conditions on the day. Her class is always well thought out and challenging. Sasha very helpfully sends us video clips of the moves we learned in class every week to help us practice between classes. She always promotes a healthy lifestyle and is very encouraging.’’
— Maiko Davis - Yoga Shred Student