2018 Yoga Shred Inspired Pop Up @ Sweat UAE

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Sasha Quince © Heather Bonker-99.jpg

2018 Yoga Shred Inspired Pop Up @ Sweat UAE


Yoga meets HIIT is what this POP UP is made up off! The fast twitch movements of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and the slow twitch movements of (Yoga) are extremely effective to torch calories, increase metabolism, build strength, flexibility and endurance! 

We amp up the benefits of the Shred aspect by introducing the Tabata timer concept to some of our moves (8 rounds of 20 seconds each of each move at high intensity to burn fat, sculpt muscle, increase endurance). Tabata timing is shown to be the most efficient for getting all the benefits of HIIT in the least amount of time.

The Pop Up is geared towards whole body fitness: Arms, Core, Legs as well as coupled with ancient detoxifying breathing and a stretch sequence proven and practiced to enhance your flexibility! 

Excited to share with you what I do personally to shed the weight, stay fit, feel energized and get my muscles to tone better. 

We will combine HIIT moves with yoga breathing, movements and alignment for an optimal experience! ALL LEVELS are welcome! The session is geared to have less impact on your JOINTS! 


  • HIIT targets both fast-twitch muscle fibers that yoga does not. Yoga works on mostly slow-twitch fibers, which build stamina and endurance for longer holding.
  • Fast-twitch muscle fibers are what tighten and tone your body, help you get stronger for movement without injury, and gives muscles more definition and tone.
  • HIIT optimizes your cardio capacity, or your ability to process oxygen, better than anything else. You’ll be able to do all your other exercising, like yoga, running, cycling, etc — with more ease!
  • Yoga Shred or Yoga Shreds, and each is made to be safer and better- aligned versions of regular HIIT forms. Even our Burpees are less impact on the shoulders, knees and back!
  • Yoga Shreds are made to also super-strengthen yoga students for their most common—and even more advanced poses, and many Shreds are inspired directly by yoga asanas. You’ll feel like a rockstar when you get on the mat!
  • Yoga Shreds create stronger bones through mindful impact.
  • With the addition of yoga-inspired movement, and yoga warm ups and cool downs, students can gain additional joint and muscle flexibility with the Yoga ShredTM instead of the usual HIIT-based workouts which can overwork and lock up the body, and cause inflammation and strain in muscles and joints.


Dates: Tuesday February 20th, 2018 from 8:30-9:30AM ONLY 10 Spots open! 

Venue: SWEAT UAE - Al Seef Village Mall adjacent to Nolus Cafe. 

AED 100 / person for the Pop Up! 


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