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Retreat/Day Treat Testimonial:

Beautiful day in a lush location- truly restorative and calming day.
Sasha created a beautiful and safe space for ladies to participate in an inspiring and thought provoking dhamma talk. She is truely an attentive, empathetic and perceptive teacher.
Highly recommend
— Jade Lucas Read

Prenatal Yoga Testimonials 

Sasha’s prenatal yoga really helped me with keeping active and focused during my pregnancy. Her words of encouragement and strength really kept me going. Prenatal Yoga kept me as active as possible during my pregnancy - I was not in shape going into my pregnancy. Sasha ensured that all levels were taken care of in her class (before getting pregnant I had only experienced yoga once). ”
— Desirae Rainville
Let’s Go Yoga had to sincerely thank you and your team at Brightpoint for the yoga classes organised. Recently delivered (normal delivery) a baby boy and the asanas and breathing exercises proved to be more than beneficial during labour. This message is to drop a big thank you for the same

Once settled in with the lill lad I hope to start yoga classes under you and your team’s wing.
— Milna Antony

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Classes/Workshops Testimonials: 

I have had the pleasure to learn from Sasha both as she embarked on her journey as a yoga teacher and also now that she has established herself fully in following her passion. Her growth as a teacher and guide has been tremendous and, as her student, I feel my growth with yoga has followed suit. Thank you Sasha, for your sincerity of approach, professionalism and attention to both anatomy and spirit.”
— Kristina E. Turner
I really never enjoyed yoga or pilates as I just found them a waste of time and would prefer something HIIT. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and look forward to each and every one as a way to destress. I love the way that you talk quite a bit reminding us to separate ourselves from everything else for that 1 hour and ‘leave your worries outside the door’. I don’t really know how to explain myself better ... but on the whole I feel I have benefited alot from coming to your classes.It has taught me how to slow down and switch off at certain times ... sometimes it is only 5 mins but others it is a bit longer. I am loving the small bits of meditation that we do too.

I can totally begin to see why they see yoga is a spiritual and healing journey!
— Charlene Nawar
“ Finding your Yoga tribe may at times seem to be the most complicated task ever! more complicated than cooking 😊 It is like you are searching for a small little peace of heaven, a place to belong to that gives you inner peace, joy, stillness and connection with your “SELF”. That is what I found in Sasha Quince’s Core strength Vinyasa class and the list goes on. Sasha’s positive energy, acceptance of the ‘other’ without criticising and pushing beyond the limits is what makes me belong to her tribe! Not to forget the meditation part that she incorporates into her yoga session that is priceless! “
— Cynthia Abrini
I felt so lucky to have found Sasha. Not only was she looking out for me, but she was always making modifications in her classes for me and for those who were ready for more challenges. Sasha has a gift for making everyone in class feel included, welcomed, and comfortable in their fitness journey.”
I have especially enjoyed Sasha’s teaching as it focused on not only the physical aspect of yoga but also the mind. Her classes are fun and challenging! She puts a lot of thought and heart into her classes and cares individually for her students.”
— Katie Shaler
The atmosphere was inviting and safe. It was the perfect place to start. I changed that day. After only a few months of Sasha’s teaching, my back pain subsided and my flexibility increased. The Vinyasa flow has strengthened my core, also reducing back pain to nothing, while increasing balance and flexibility. I can walk into a class full of stress and anxiety from the day and walk out warm, satisfied, and refreshed.”
— Lee Dabagia Jr.

Yoga Shred Testimonial:

‘’This class has helped me to get back into a routine after the summer. I have practiced yoga for many years, and I can say unreservedly that Sasha is one of the best yoga instructors I have had. She warmly welcomes each student to class and checks her/his conditions on the day. Her class is always well thought out and challenging. Sasha very helpfully sends us video clips of the moves we learned in class every week to help us practice between classes. She always promotes a healthy lifestyle and is very encouraging.’’
— Maiko Davis


Corporate Wellness Testimonial: 

I would like to forward my positive feedback on the Meditation and corporate yoga classes. Sasha is amazing and can handle the class smoothly and professionally and in an enjoyable way. She infuses new ideas to cater to our various demands and always change exercises/ themes and yoga postures to elevate pain throughout our bodies. ReallyI’ve benefited a lot from her in the workplace.”
— Member of Daman Healthcare Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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